Black Hawk Resources, established in 2009, is a privately held commodity advising, brokering, and trading company that looks to harvest the value of uncertainty. Our core business focus is to leverage the value of uncertainty and make you more competitive.


Black Hawk is intentional in all we do, who we work with, and the choices we make. We aim to provide products and services that are tailored to meet customer business and supply chain needs. High quality relationships are paramount to our value set and we believe in building partnerships with our customers through complimentary and purposeful relationships.


Black Hawk Resources seeks to be the number one innovator of commodity trading and risk services. We do not hesitate to decline opportunities that risk diluting the quality of our service or goods. We see your risk as opportunity, to be managed and to make you more competitive in your markets. When you allow us to harvest your risk, in the face of uncertainty, we look to provide you with strategies, tools, service and goods that help you succeed.

Primary Commodities







A deterministic process whereby small changes in starting conditions can create large unforeseen changes in ending conditions.

Monarch : Black Hawk's System for dealing with chaos.

Electricity and Natural Gas

Black Hawk Resources is committed to informing our customers of the options available to them and educating them on how they can handle their energy procurement and pricing needs.

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